Training types

Looking for weight loss – a few pounds or a few stone? I can and would like to help. Putting on four stone myself through pregnancy I know what this takes to shift. I find this one of the most rewarding areas in Personal Training; lets see what works best for you.

Lets sculpt those muscles to get the physique you desire; hit those problem areas, stripping the fat off the top while toning and building muscle at the same time, shaping & defining your body to looking and feeling fantastic; tailoring programmes to reach your personal goals.

Cardio does not just entail running on the treadmill – there are a variety of training methods and exercises to get your heart pounding. Cardiovascular fitness should be one of everybody’s goals.

Keeping your heart and body healthy makes you feel good and makes life easier, helping prevent the onset of chronic illnesses.

Whatever your goal, ability, fitness levels or experience – Personal Training is for everyone. Let’s get it started together and have some good sessions working towards achieving your goals. Programmes are tailored to your needs and ability; constantly being adapted and progressed.