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Exciting News, I have finally managed to complete my goal of having my own private studio. I am now set up in my own private studio at my home in Taunton, TA3 5JJ.

So all 1 on 1 PT sessions are now completely private, along with the bonuses of not having to wait for kit and having kit out of use due to social distancing. And even better, Prices have remained the same as my public gym prices were 🙂

Personal training is about helping people become better versions of themselves. I’ve been training people since 2004 to become fitter, healthier, Stronger, reduce their body fat, become more flexible or overcome/improve an injury or medical condition. Whatever your goal or restrictions we can get you on a healthier path. 


If you think you have medical issues that prevent you from exercising think again, we can work around and generally improve most issues. Don’t let medical issues hold you back, one of my current clients is a stroke victim and has pretty much lost mobility in one side, but we’re getting up the stairs together now, so just ask.


Virtual Personal Training sessions, I am still continuing with these sessions for those that wish to. They are one to one training sessions with a personalised plan written for your needs but delivered online so there’s no need for you to leave the house to keep fit. This could be over Skype or Face Time or equivalent service. You do not need to have any equipment at home, there are a ton of exercises that require no kit, I’m also quite handy at transforming household items into useful gym kit now. 

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